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19.00 €
Chatines cocoa
Toasted almond coated with milk chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa.
6.50 €
Black Orangettes
Delicately candied orange peels finely coated with dark chocolate
10.00 €
Candied ginger strips coated with dark chocolate
6.50 €
Milk chocolate lemonettes - 100g
Lemon peels delicately candied and finely coated with milk chocolate
10.00 €
Beggar BLUEBERRY black, white and milk
Mini bar of dark, white and milk chocolate with hazelnuts and blueberry sprinkles
10.00 €
Old-fashioned praline sticks - 100g
A delicious crunchy praline, rich in hazelnuts and flavor
9.00 €
Your customizable mug - the chocolate gallery
Tell him with chocolates!
personalized our mug to tell him your most beautiful messages ...
31.00 €